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Covid-19 and the University

Preparation is in our DNA

The University of New Haven has long prided itself on being prepared for all eventualities. That’s why we have been as successful as any institution in protecting our University community from COVID-19, mitigating the impact of the pandemic, and continuing to provide a meaningful and rewarding educational experience in an out of the classroom for our students. This is a significant point of pride for the University, and it is a credit to everyone in our community.

Regardless of what the future might have in store, we want you and your parents and families to know we are prepared to respond, and that we are adept at instilling this mindset in our students. Through our innovative majors in such areas as public safety, national security, health sciences, or cybersecurity, to name just a few, we know that preparation is the key to success, and we are excited to prepare you to be our next success story.

As Chargers, there are values and expectations that we all share that provide the framework for how we interact as individual members of the community and speak to who we are and what we stand for as a community.

We must all always do our part to care for the health and wellbeing of every member of our University community.



We pledge to CARE FOR OTHERS.


"As Chargers, we all play an integral role in protecting the health and well-being of our University community. Thanks to the commitment of everyone getting vaccinated and following the comprehensive policies and protocols that are in place, we have experienced a very low number of cases of COVID in our community. We are grateful for the commitment and cooperation of all Chargers who are doing their part to foster a community in which protecting our safety and well-being is our paramount priority."

Anthony J. Santella, DrPH, MCHES

Professor and Interim Chair, Dept. of Health Administration & Policy , COVID-19 Coordinator and COVID Task Force Co-Chair  

"Health Services and the Covid Task Force have worked closely to provide the safest environment for students. We have worked together to ensure that students are tested regularly and that any students that are not feeling well are assessed and cared for by the clinical team in Health Services. We have implemented video visits as a method to be able to "see" students. We video visit regularly with all students in isolation in order monitor their progress and order any medications that might be necessary. We are also fully open for in-person visits for students who have non-covid health concerns."

Jill Banatoski, M.D., FACP

Health Services Medical Director

"The University’s response to the pandemic truly speaks to the strength of everyone's character, not just students. To be a student during this time is to truly become a Charger—to care about the community and others around you."

Sofia Martinez '22

President, Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA)

Meet our Covid-19 Coordinator

Infectious Disease Expert Dedicated to Keeping the University Safe as New COVID-19 Coordinator

Advocating for the health of others has been central to Anthony J. Santella’s 20-year career in public health. He will apply that experience and expertise to oversee the ongoing response to mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the University community.